Wednesday, July 1, 2009

c jane's guide to America's Freedom Festival Week: Part Three

For my whole life the Grand Parade was the best part about the Freedom Festival. Color, queens, music, cannons, clowns and usually The Councilwoman or The State Rep in an antique car. And every year as the police cruisers rounded up the last of the floats, I was always sad to think that 365 days remained until the parade would come again.

Then I'd feel horrible for the person who had to clean the overflow in the ditch--hemorrhaging with trash and melted tiger's blood snow cones. Glad it wasn't me.

Though the parade and I only reunite every other year (like the balloons, I can't appreciate the intensity of the parade annually in my old age) I declare the best seats are anywhere in the shade on the north side of Center, between 3rd East and 7th East.

And of course, don't forget to wear your Old Navy t-shirt. Obligatory.