Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Suddenly Stranger

I told Chup I was falling in love with another man after I met Justin Hackworth. How could I not like a man who made me (you know. . . in a humble way . . . sort of . . .) nice looking? In a photograph?

But Chup who has heard this sort of thing before (I also fell in love with our acupuncturist--I've got a thing for men who make me feel good, I guess) chose not to worry. Instead Chup took one of the photos Justin took of me, framed it, and carried it to work. It was an 8 x 11 picture in a very heavy frame. I think the whole thing probably weighed fifty pounds. It was such a heroic act of romanticism that I fell in love with him too. It felt so familiar . . .

Anyway, the whole point of me professing my love is to tell you I join a growing number of mothers and daughters who also fell in love with Justin during his 30 Strangers Project, but most importantly now you can too.

The 30 Strangers Project is going into exhibition for the public to see, and there is a fantastic incentive for attending. Here is the drop from Mr. Hackworth's down town Provo studio:

Our exhibition for the 30 Strangers 2009 project will be held on July 2, 2009 in Provo Utah from 6-9pm. The address is:
1 East Center Street, Suite 215.

On this evening only, at the opening reception, we'll be doing another special fundraiser for the Center for Women & Children in Crisis. For a $25 donation to the Center, folks will receive a mother-daughter portrait session.

What about those that would like their whole family photographed? For a $75 donation we'll give them a free family portrait session. The Center does such critical work. We're thrilled to be raising awareness and money for them.

The reception on Thursday night is the party. We'd love to have you attend this evening.

If you just can't make it on Thursday, the gallery will also be open on Friday night from 5-9 pm. Minus the party and opening night sizzle, you'll still get to enjoy a great exhibit.

Everyone is invited. Don't be a stranger. Come say hello.

I will be in my party dress on Thursday night. With my mom.

Hope to see you there!

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